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5 Functional Cabinet Ideas for Your Home

Kitchen Cabinets - Anaheim CA

Kitchen cabinets are more than just decorations in a room. They can determine how easily you move while preparing meals, how much space you have to work, and how well you are able to organize food items. In Anaheim, home owners are making cooking and entertaining a breeze by installing kitchen cabinets that coincide with the lifestyle of the people living in it, rather than having ones that get in the way. This makes the task of buying the perfect type of kitchen cabinets an important one. Remember, kitchen cabinets can often be the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel, so it’s best to do your homework in advance to save yourself from wasting morning or experiencing too much headache. To help ease the research process we’ve put together a list of some of the most functional Anaheim, CA kitchen cabinet styles you can add to your home.

Cabinet Drawers:

Often times cabinets found below kitchen counters are narrow and tall only making them useful for larger and thinner items. A simple solution to this problem is installing cabinet drawers, giving additional storage space to your lower kitchen cabinets.

Corner Cabinet:

While many may think that a corner cabinet can create quite the design challenge, recent developments in kitchen cabinet design has made them the perfect asset for extra storage space. By having cabinets that extend to the right or left, you are able to bring organization and functionality even in smaller spaces.

Kitchen Islands:

Center islands should definitely be considered when it comes to adding cabinet space. Not only is it perfect for entertaining, extra cooking space, or a quick area for the kids to do their homework, it is also the ideal location to hide away larger cooking supplies that usually take up extra space. Make your island cabinets extra functional by using them to create a cubby for your microwave, or by adding a fold out cabinet that doubles as a cutting board.

Spice Rack Cabinets:

Traditional spice rack cabinets will leave you digging for the perfect spice every time you come to cook, even if you go with a “Lazy Susan” design. By installing cabinets that roll out and have narrow, cut out shelves, spices can be conveniently located near your counter or stovetop and easily seen from any angle.

Built in Inserts:

For those aiming to have an organized kitchen that stays organized, built in inserts and dividers are a helpful way to keep plates, cutlery, and pots and pans exactly where they are supposed to go every time.

Remember, the most important thing is that your kitchen cabinets match the design and feel of your home as well as being useful, so be open to combining any of the above ideas or custom designing your own. If you ever get stuck, it’s always wise to consult a professional before purchasing an item that may not work in your home. At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, we can help you assess the area and the way it’s used to help you find the best fit for your kitchen.

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