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Bathroom Remodeling Orange County & Laguna Hills CA

Orange County Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Orange County CA

Remodeling your bathroom can absolutely breathe new life in to your home. Imagine starting every day in the bathroom of your dreams. A bathroom remodeling can be as small and simple as new cabinets and counter tops or as grand as tearing everything down to the studs and installing a brand new room. It all depends on your budget and what you are trying to accomplish. Here is a list of reasons to remodel your bathroom:

1) Increase your home’s value – always a good reason. Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is a great way to get the most out of your investment when considering the valuation of your home

2) Fixing existing problems – If you have broken or loose tile, leaking shower/tub valves, or cabinets that are worse for wear, an update will definitely put your mind at ease and improve your quality of life

4) Creating your own personal escape – Nothing can be more relaxing or soothing than some quality time spent in your custom built shower or bath tub. Bathroom remodels can create a tranquil and spa-like atmosphere and who doesn’t like the spa?

5) You simply want a change. Sometimes the best reason to remodel your bathroom is because you want an updated look or you aren’t completely happy with the existing style. Perhaps you have redesigned other areas of your house and the bathroom doesn’t fit quite fit your design scheme anymore

6) It feels nice. No matter what room you are remodeling, having a newly designed space that is custom built to fit your needs, just simply feels incredible

No matter what your reasons are, Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond has the team to make your dream bath remodel come true! We are dedicated and experienced professionals, well versed in handling all phases of bath remodeling. With KCB you are guaranteed top-quality material, craftsmanship and customer service.

Stop by our showroom today to meet with a home design professional and start cultivating the home of your dreams! KCB has been the trusted source for 100s of homeowners in Orange County in kitchen and bath remodeling projects.

Bathroom Remodeling and Vanities in Orange County

Superior bathroom design and durability! We use high quality paints, dyes and stains to ensure your bathroom or vanity renovation lasts for years to come. Sometimes wood and water don’t mix well but our products receive an extra protective coating to prevent any water damage.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas

No matter which kind of home or condominium you are trying to build or improve on, modern vanities play a big role in bringing an attractive look to bathrooms and help to elevate the overall level of your interior design.

KCB has decades of experience in bath remodeling and our expert design consultants can help you pick the right vanities for your new bath in Orange County & Laguna Hills CA.  Having a fresh and tasteful look in a place where we normally take care of our hygiene makes our days easier to start and goes a long way in bringing a sense of completeness to any home. Vanities come in many different shapes, sizes, color combinations and materials. The most important variable when it comes to installation is the amount of room that can be covered. Vanities can cover small and irregular spaces using single regulars (custom cut) all the way to full walls sitting behind the largest custom made double sinks.


You can buy many premade vanities in the market today, but as a kitchen and bath remodeling company in Orange County we can order a wide range of custom palettes (at a better price) to fit your unique ideas or find that ideal look to really add value to your space and go along perfectly with other close by designs and to match your home super well in general. These vanities come in a selection of solid wood (painted or stained) or MDF doors (either painted or covered with sheets of melamine available in a wide range of colours and textures). High gloss cabinets with flat and hard edge finishing (modern vanities) are always a great choice.  Quartz are the ideal choice for bathroom countertops (which come in a very wide variety of custom cut slabs) – sparkled countertops in particular which contrast well with the surrounding vanities serve to give the space a luxurious look.

Classic Vanities

The classic vanity design sports more detail in general such as posts, and crown mouldings on the upper walls. Glaze finishing, staining or solid paint on pure wood or MDF doors are the best options for a classic look here. Raised panels (with the centre of the door raised) give a more ornate look to the area and are commonplace in a classic design. For double sink vanities, an added tower can really increase  complementary. The tower sits between the sinks, and a choice of two towers (each on one side) can leave a great amount of space for utilities, personal bottles, candles and so on. Beautiful, unique handles – especially large ones made of glass moulded to look like different objects give you space to work within your own tastes and get the most out of your project.

Transitional vanities

This type of vanity falls between the classic and modern type of design. Off-white flat panels (with the centre of the door flat) are one of the most popular and attractive types of finishing for this mind-set of style. The doors could be solid painted or finished with melamine available in different colors and textures. Quartz with sparkles (or in one solid color) is a very good option for the countertops. Most of our sinks for this sort of space are oval or square, left to your personal preference. Flat handles made from brass or nickel chrome are both a nice match for this style. The edge of the countertop(s) could be single edge (3/4 inch) or be doubled (one and half inch total). KCB has a large selection of kitchen and bath countertops in Orange County CA..

Modern vanities

Modern vanities are mostly in demand in condominiums and very large home spaces. This style can be mounted on a wide variety of surfaces (above and below), outside of traditional norms. Flat and shiny finishing on the doors (i.e. high gloss materials) give an eye catching look to the modern vanities depending on the structure of the space. The sink could be done in a top or under-mounted fashion. Modern sinks are available in a wide selection of material such as porcelain, glass or stone and can come in many unique shapes and sizes.

The Showroom

Our showroom houses a wide variety of samples in terms of vanity design and structure, countertop designs and options, and recommendations on some of the most popular color contrasts which will stand the test of time, especially when coupled with super custom or already beautiful wide handles. Please feel free to give us a call if you are thinking of doing any high quality bathroom renovations in Anaheim and  surrounding areas to book a free consultation and estimate!

Other Services KCB offers:

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Bathroom Visualizer

The bathroom visualizer helps you envision the bathroom of your desire. Select from two different bathroom designs, cabinet colors, backsplashes, countertops, flooring, and shower surrounds. Play with a variety of tiles, mosaics, and countertops to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.