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Choosing cabinets for your Irvine, CA, home can feel a bit like knowing nothing about cars and begrudgingly trusting a mechanic to steer you straight. It shouldn’t feel this way, though and it doesn’t have to. At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, our staff is the real deal. We know how stressful investing money in your home can be—especially in the kitchen: the most visited and practical room in the house.

Allow us to share some of our cabinet must-haves with you!

Cabinets = functionality
Cabinets, without question, must be functional. We have all lived somewhere at one time or another where the cabinets were too small, too deep, too high, too low, too narrow, without proper knobs, and/or placed inappropriately around the kitchen. Or, worse: cabinets with doors which opened into one another or into the wall. This is not only frustrating but typically results in unused space and inefficiency when preparing meals.

Cabinets = aesthetics
Inversely, have you ever lived in a space where the cabinetry function was spot-on, but they were undeniably hideous? What an unfortunate problem. Sure, cooking may be stress-free, but as the most imposing room in the house, ugly cabinets make for an ugly kitchen; thus, influencing the ambiance of your entire space. Cabinets should bring an element of style and beauty to your home. Choose quality and style.

Details & accents = personality
The details matter! Are you drawn toward contemporary, clean lines? Crown molding? Shaker-style cabinets with brushed knobs or antique pulls? Your personality will guide you through the details. There is no need to settle for cookie-cutter cabinets or a design some pushy contractor forced on you. This is your home, your kitchen. Your satisfaction matters most!

Soft-close = peace
There isn’t much to say, here. A cabinet that glides closed, instead of slamming shut, is a must. (Think of all the midnight snacks you can sneak without waking anyone!)

Roll-out cabinets
If you love the look of cabinet doors but prefer the function of a drawer, this is a fantastic custom option for your kitchen!

Top quality = longevity
At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, we offer the highest in quality: Omega, Homecrest, and KCB Custom cabinets. Don’t take our word for it—do the research! Omega and Homecrest both come with our Lifetime Warranty. In addition, Omega has been rated #1 by Consumer Reports for ten consecutive years! These brands are the best of the best in quality throughout Irvine and the surrounding areas.

Choosing kitchen cabinets in Irvine, CA is easy: think about function, style, and quality. Then add personality and details. That’s all there is to it! From there, our team can fill in the gaps. We genuinely look forward meeting you and discussing our cabinet options with you. We are experts, but we pride ourselves most in our friendly professionalism and impeccable service. We look forward to taking the position of co-designer, with you in the lead! Call us, today!

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