A total kitchen remodel means you get to choose every detail; from the colors to the wood tones to all the little details and patterns on the walls. But… what if you’re not looking to remodel? What if you simply want to replace your outdated cabinets with new and improved ones and leave the floor, appliances, and walls alone? This type of project calls for choosing the right kitchen cabinets in Coto De Caza to match your décor—and that’s not the easiest task!

At Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond near Coto De Caza, CA, our team specializes in helping clients match what they’ve currently got (design, colors, etc.) with what they want in new cabinets. Working together as co-designers, here is a 2-point list of what we will focus on to ensure you get the cabinets you want for the kitchen you have:

  1. Look for cabinets which closely match your old ones
    Generally speaking, the old cabinets in question probably match the décor of your house. However, if your current cabinets don’t work within the existing design scheme, you still sit at an advantage because you have a basic guideline to follow. Questions to ask yourself:
  • What does work about the old cabinets? Are they a good size? Shape?
  • Do you like the hue(s)?
  • Do you like the wood grain (if applicable)?
  • What do you think is poorly matched?
  1. Focus on complementing and contrasting
    We know—matching cabinet colors exactly is unlikely. Likewise, trying to match new cabinets to your floor stain is very unlikely without sanding and re-staining (remember: we’re not discussing a total remodel—we’re matching new cabinets to your current kitchen!) The last thing you need is to step back from the completed project, only to have your eyes zero-in on imperfections and mismatches. Focus on complementary colors and pleasing contrasts. Together, we’ll look at color wheels and examples of kitchens similar to yours to make the best decision for your design.
  • Pattern: because it is less than likely you’ll match new cabinets with the wood grains on your floor, consider a flat cabinet (no wood grain). Inversely, if your floor is a neutral tile or linoleum, you have a lot of freedom with your cabinet choices: wood grain, flat, a mixture of both…
  • Color: think about the colors in your major appliances and flooring—do they have warm or cool tones? Would cream cabinetry work? What about a tan or deep espresso wood stain?
  • Design: not all matching is tricky—some details are easy! For example, if your Coto De Caza home has ornately carved trim, we can add crown molding to tie everything together.

How can our team at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond help you match your current kitchen with cabinets that will make the whole room come alive? We can’t wait to hear from you, so call us to set up a free consultation! We’ll see you soon!

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