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Factors to Consider During Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling - Anaheim Hills CA

Homeowners in Anaheim Hills are turning to kitchen remodeling to help create the home of their dreams. When it comes to family time, date nights, or entertaining, the kitchen is often the most used room in the house and deserves as much thought as any other room. Today’s designers are constantly creating new and creative ways to bring energy and functionality into your kitchen, while still falling into the overall look of your home. Kitchen remodeling in Anaheim Hills can be fun, but is often overwhelming, especially if you’re new to all the different options that are available, so we have put together a list of some of the best kitchen design ideas to help bring life to your home.


Lighting can quickly set the mood for an occasion, yet often lighting isn’t considered when it comes to the kitchen. If your kitchen is designed for both cooking and hosting your meal, consider installing lighting that has a dimmable feature to suit the evening.


Cabinets, islands, and counter space are all valuable factors in a kitchen, but the key is in how you lay them out. Before creating your “wish list” of kitchen accessories, consider its space, where the entrances are and how much traffic it receives a majority of the time. Each of these points is important while planning a layout that isn’t too obtrusive.

Kitchen Island Seating

If your kitchen doesn’t allow space for a dinette set, or if you just enjoy the intimacy of hosting your guest while you prepare your meal, you will want to look into a kitchen island that allows adequate seating. Be sure the seating is a fair distance away from the oven and still allows you to have enough space for food preparation.

Kitchen Patios

Anaheim Hills has gorgeous weather that’s perfect for outdoor entertaining, but carrying dishes from the kitchen to the sink can be a hassle. Consider working around a design that allows easy, open access from the kitchen to the dining room so you can easily attend to guests and still feel like a part of the action, even while preparing your meal.

Extra Entertaining Elements:

It’s not unusual to find a side dining area attached to the kitchen, but consider creating a space beside the kitchen for fun additions like a pool table, bar, or baby grand piano. This allows for guests to have alternative forms of entertainment while still being engaged with the rest of the party.

Remember, your kitchen is a multi functional room which makes it the perfect place to get creative and take on design inspiration from other areas in your home. Adding on pieces that encourage you to take time to entertain, relax, or just enjoy the family are all investments. Still, you want to make sure each addition or change to your kitchen goes with the flow and functionality of the room, so never hesitate to consult with a reliable kitchen designer at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond before making any plans or purchases, we can always help point you in the right direction.

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