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Kitchen Cabinets: Replace or Reface?

If you are working on remodeling your Newport Beach, CA kitchen, the cabinets are one of the biggest projects in the room. They take up more wall space than anything else and they make a big impact on the overall look of the room. Replacing them costs a lot of money, but sometimes it’s worth it. On the other hand, if your kitchen cabinets are in good condition, you might want to reface them instead. How do you know which direction you should go? Here are a few helpful tips.

Tip#1: Examine the Budget

Look over the budget you have for the project and make a list of all the things you want to cover. Replacing kitchen cabinets can take up to 50% of the entire remodeling budget. It’s a costly project that can raise the value of your house. But if the money isn’t there, you can try refacing the cabinets instead.

Tip#2: Examine the Cabinets

Take a close look at your cabinets. Are they laid out the way you want? Do they function well? If they are in good condition and they function nicely, refacing can work. If you want a different layout or the cabinets are falling apart, replacing them is a better idea.

Tip#3: Think about Time and Inconvenience

Replacing cabinets takes more time, money, and effort. If you are able to move out of your kitchen for a bit and let the work take over, replacing cabinets is a great way to go. If you have a busy household and you just can’t see yourself working around the mess for very long, refacing might be a better move. You don’t have to remove much from the cabinets in order to reface the doors.

Tip#4: Consider Quality

While refacing can give the kitchen a whole new look and feel, it cannot improve the quality of your existing kitchen cabinets. If you want your cabinets to be higher in quality than they are now, the only option is to replace them. If you are happy with the quality of your cabinets, refacing is a good option to think over.

Tip#5: Count Age

Find out when your cabinets were constructed and consider their age. If they were built with the house and the home is rather old, replacing them might be a good idea. If they are on the new side, refacing them can take care of any style issues you have.

When it comes time to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets in Newport Beach, CA, call Kitchen Cabinets and Beyond at 714-630-0477. You can also stop by and see some examples in our showroom at 2910 E La Palma Ave Ste B, Anaheim, CA 92806. It can help to see cabinets in person and imagine what the different styles would look like in your home. We have professionals on hand to answer your questions and you can even get a free consultation with one of our top- notch designers.

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