Before you get ahead of yourself and begin visiting showrooms and setting up consultations and committing to every DIY idea you’ve ever seen, take some expert advice from the professionals at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond. We have done a lot of kitchen remodeling in our years of business with homeowners here in Anaheim Hills, CA, so we have gathered a few helpful pointers to guide you in the right direction.

(“Right,” as in ways to give you the most affordable, beautiful, and functional kitchen you could imagine.)

These tips should help you steer clear of stress during your kitchen remodel in Anaheim Hills, CA and add excitement to the process!

  1. Involve the pros
    We know—you want to DIY the entire room. That’s okay! We are not here to discourage you from flexing your Creativity Muscle. Just know your limitations. Are you familiar with the plumbing and electrical aspects of a kitchen and do you have the skills to work within safe and legal/code parameters? Have you ever ripped up flooring or swung a sledge hammer at a tiled wall? Are you confident in doing so? Are you confident in tiling a backsplash? Be honest! Take on what you can and leave the rest to the professionals.
  2. Know what is “worth the splurge”
    It’s your kitchen and you probably know what your must-haves are. There are two “splurges” we’ve seen in the past 5-10 years that are very popular:
  • The Second Sink: we often install these away from the main cooking/cleanup area for an additional prep area (for a second chef, Little Helper, kosher kitchens, produce vs. meat prep space, etc). Typically, these are installed in a central island with expansive counter space.
  • Soft-close cabinets and drawer glides: the soft-close feature can be added to your current kitchen or come as a special feature option in new and replacement cabinets and drawers. This option has become increasingly popular to reduce noise and minimize injury from slamming doors.
  1. Evaluate your current layout
    Whether you are conscious of this or not—you have made concessions for your kitchen’s shortcomings. Very, very rarely is a kitchen designed for a new or previously owned home with you in mind. For example, there may have been fewer children in the home when you and your spouse purchased it. Or, the kitchen, which the previous owners designed for themselves, simply doesn’t support the Top Chef wannabe living under your roof. The next time you and your family are cooking or entertaining, pay special attention to the functionality of the layout.
  • Does the cabinet configuration make sense for how your family utilizes the space?
  • Are you able to use your kitchen for everything you wish you could (i.e: hosting family gatherings, entertaining friends, holding birthday parties for your children)?
  • Would an island help?
  • Do you need a formal dining space?

We hope these tips help! Give the pros at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond a call when you’re ready to get started with your kitchen or bath remodeling. We’d be honored to assist you with whatever size kitchen project you have in mind!

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