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Kitchen Remodeling According to Your Favorite Style

Kitchen Remodeling - Laguna Beach CA

A quality kitchen often tops the list of necessities for those shopping for a new home. However, location, budget, and additional factors frequently knock it down to a “want” rather than a need. If you’ve settled into your home, but have yet to fall in love with your kitchen than it may be time to consider kitchen remodeling in Laguna Beach CA.

Homeowners throughout Laguna Beach are enjoying the freedom and creativity of making their dream kitchen space a reality. With so many styles and designs to choose from, it’s never been easier to custom design a kitchen that fits the needs of you and your family. Still, the options can become overwhelming and you may find yourself not knowing where to begin. Picking random pieces and styles could result in an overwhelming appearance. For this reason, it’s best to consider what specific style you are looking for, and then plan around that. We have taken a closer look at some popular design styles and discover exactly which kitchen remodeling choices are right for each.

French Countryside

French Countryside kitchens bring all of the quaintness of a traditional country kitchen without the rustic details. The design is perfect for small or narrow spaces and usually involves a splash of color. Consider the following design options to bring the French Countryside look to your home:

  • Choose cabinet designs with ornate woodcarvings, crown moldings, and deep arches.
  • Go for lighter, warmer tones that compliment light colored wood.
  • Choose an accent color for your island like teal or canary.
  • Pair glazed kitchen cabinetry with granite counter tops for a polished look.

Modern Minimalist

The Modern Minimalist style is usually found in kitchens with an abundance of space, especially if the kitchen opens directly into a dining room or living room. The look is simplistic, clean, and elegant and blends well with other home design choice. Consider the following design options to bring the Modern Minimalist look to your home:

  • Stick with monotone color options like white, black or espresso.
  • Choose flat squared off cabinetry, with or without a glass face.
  • Design cut out storage space to hide away ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators.
  • Choose only 2-3 accent pieces for décor.

Rustic Country

Unlike the French Countryside design, Rustic Country relies heavily on upcycled design pieces and raw looking fixtures. This design is perfect for large kitchen spaces and blends well with “beach cottage” décor.

  • Choose kitchen cabinets that utilize more worn down looking wood, or apply a varnish to mimic the style.
  • Add in unique furniture pieces like an antique butcher block.
  • Add an additional deep sink into islands; go for older looking designs if possible.
  • Install overhead racks to hang copper pots and cookware from.

With the consistently changing trends that are found in Laguna Beach kitchens, it’s wise to choose a design that you can feel comfortable with and also find functional. Kitchen remodeling can be a fun adventure with the right kind of planning, so take the time to give Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond a call. We can help you with your Laguna Beach kitchen remodeling needs.

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