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Kitchen Remodeling for Resale

For prospective homebuyers, the kitchen will often make or break the deal. It is one of the areas of the home where buyers can tell if money has been well spent. You want to be sure and offer an attractive, functional kitchen that makes your home irresistible. Ideally, you can get more than a 70% return on your investment when it comes to kitchen remodeling in Mission Viejo, CA. But it comes down to how much you spend, and the features you spend it on. When you plan to sell your home, you must create a space that will appeal to the masses. It isn’t always easy, and these tips from our experts at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond will help.

Talk to the Professionals

If you want to sell your home, ask a local real estate agent to give you a list of kitchen must-haves for the area. You need to know up front what will attract buyers and what will repel them. Pay attention to what the professionals in your area are using, and buy those finishes or brands.

Stick to the Basics

When you choose materials and appliances for resale, you do not want to over-personalize. Most people are not looking for professional grade appliances or art-deco drawer pulls. Instead, they want some functional basics including:

  • Quality stainless steel appliances
  • Soft close cabinets
  • Extra drawers
  • Waste and recycling cabinetry
  • Neutral color scheme
  • Stone countertops

Open up Your Space

If you have more room in your budget, one of the best things you can do is air out the kitchen. Current buyers look for open floor plans. It could be worthwhile to knock down a wall and create more space in the kitchen and living area. However, do not contradict the architecture of your home. If you have a traditional home and a contemporary kitchen, you are setting yourself up for failure with buyers.

Don’t Make Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

If you plan to sell, don’t spend more on your kitchen remodel than the value your home can support. As an example, if your home is worth approximately $150,000, there is no reason to spend $50,000 on your kitchen-remodeling project. You will not get that money back. For the best returns, you generally want to spend about 6-10% of the total house value.

What You Get Back on Your Investment

There are many factors involved on the return for your investment. The return widely depends on the value of your home in the immediate neighborhood, how soon you decide to sell after remodeling the kitchen, and the housing market at the time. It also depends on the quality of the project—which is why you want to leave it to the professionals if you plan to resale.

Still have questions about kitchen remodeling for resale? Please contact Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond at 714-630-0477 or visit us at 2910 E. La Palma Ave. Ste B Anaheim, CA 92806. We will help guide you in the right direction to ensure that you get the kitchen of your dreams that will also help sell your house.

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