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Kitchen Remodeling-Where to Start?

You’ve wanted to update and remodel the kitchen in your Laguna Beach home for a long time and now you’re finally ready to take some steps forward in the process. Where do you start? What should you think about doing? Here are a few options. Pick and choose based on what your kitchen needs and your family wants.


Cabinets in older homes look tired and worn out. Some homeowners tear them completely out and have new cabinets installed. This can greatly increase the value of a home and it can be used to change the layout of the kitchen. Other homeowners simply change the cabinets they have by resurfacing them. Either way, cabinets are a big aid to the overall look and feel of a kitchen.


Countertops also wear out and if the counters fade, have stains, or erode in other ways, they make the whole room look out of date. Installing nice, new countertops in one of the many varieties of materials can bring a kitchen back to life. Countertops can be completely removed so granite or other materials can be put into place. Countertops can also be covered with new materials to give the room a fresh look.


Older kitchens have linoleum or even carpeted flooring that wears because of the heavy traffic in and out of the room. There are a number of different flooring options that can bring the room into a new style. Changing the flooring can do a lot for kitchen remodeling goals.


Appliances need to be functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good as well. Old appliances may not work as well and they certainly don’t look nice in the room. There are a number of different looks and styles today that can make a kitchen-remodeling project look more complete.


Sometimes, all a kitchen needs is a new coat of paint in a different color. Other times, painting the kitchen can round out the rest of the kitchen remodeling projects. Painting is something many homeowners do themselves to cut back on costs. Professionals can easily do it as well.


There are many other little details that can be included in a kitchen-remodeling project. Some homeowners enjoy adding tile for a backsplash. There can be things like crown molding, under cabinet lighting and other elements placed throughout the room in order to make the kitchen-remodeling project complete. Sometimes adding these little details are all a kitchen needs. Other times, they complete the larger projects for an overhauled look.

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