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What You Should Know When Buying Kitchen Cabinets

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Homeowners in Irvine are finding how remodeling their kitchen cabinets can start off as a dream and end as a nightmare without doing the proper research. While it may be fun flipping through magazines to pick out your favorite styles, once you hit the design stores you can quickly find yourself getting lost in the options and terminology. To help simplify the buying process and to make sure you go home with exactly what you want, we’ve put together some tips on what you should know before hitting the design floor.

The Terminology

You can describe what you’re looking for, but knowing the exact terminology for the type of cabinets you want can simplify the overall process and save time and headache. Keep in mind some of the following phrases when requesting what you want in your home:

  • Base Cabinet: A base cabinet is a kitchen cabinet that sits on the floor. This option is often used if you would like your cabinet to double as a countertop.
  • Drawer Face: The drawer face is the part of the panel that is attached to the front of the drawer box. This is an important factor to discuss since on some cabinets the drawer face is the front of the drawer box.
  • Concealer or Exposed Hinge: When discussing your cabinets you will need to know if you would like the hinge located inside the door (concealed) or on the outer edge of the cabinet (exposed).
  • Finish: The finish is the surface coating that I applied to the outside of your kitchen cabinet. It’s wise to take the time to research whether you would like a stain, sealer, or clear coat applied in advance.
  • Toe kick: A toe kick is the space located between the floor and the base of your cabinet, basically the foot room your cabinet allows.

Deciding between Custom, Semi-Custom and Stock

While shopping for kitchen cabinets you will have to choose between stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are the most affordable and come in pre-manufactured sizes, usually in increments of 3 inches. Semi-custom units are similar to stock but come in more options, styles and sizes. Finally, custom cabinets are made entirely to the customer’s specification, making them the more expensive option.

Determining The Cost

It’s wise to begin by sitting down and analyzing your overall budget. Typically your kitchen cabinets will be the largest investment in your kitchen, taking up nearly half of the remodeling budget. It’s important that you understand that this is the normal ball park for kitchen cabinets so you aren’t caught off guard when presented with the price tag.

If after all of the research you still face some confusion, speak with a designer at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond about your wants and concerns. We can help you learn more about the options available and assist you in choosing the right kitchen cabinets in Irvine, CA that will fit your needs and budget.

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