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It is all too easy to procrastinate on an overdue kitchen remodel. “Next year… after the holidays… after vacation… in the Spring…” So, how do you know when it is really time to remodel?

Our team at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond, has seen it all. We have remodeled everything from complete gut-jobs, to tiny remodel touches, to fixing kitchen cabinet designs in Anaheim Hills, CA done poorly by amateur contractors who misled unsuspecting clients.

Over the years, we have gathered what we believe are the 6 Signs it is Time to Remodel Your Kitchen:

  1. Your kitchen is more than 30 years old
    It’s time. If your kitchen was built in the 80s or before, it was most likely designed for one cook. These days, entire families lend a hand in the kitchen and yours should accommodate this. Furthermore, if your kitchen is 30+ years old, it is probably sectioned-off from the dining or living area and is dying to be opened up.
  2. Laminate or tiled countertops
    Oh, goodness. It is time to upgrade if your kitchen still has laminate or tiled surfaces. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of marble, stone, quartz, or granite countertops. There is a vast price range and we will help you choose something within yours.
  3. Inadequate space
    Has your family outgrown your kitchen or are you tired of the avalanche when you open one of your few cabinets? If you need more space, it is okay to admit it. Sometimes, homeowners struggle to see what a rearranged layout can do to open up a kitchen space. That’s where we come in!
  4. Timelessness
    Here’s a tough question: will you be able to age with your kitchen design? Or, are you aging and finding that your kitchen no longer serves you? If your home is your forever home, this is necessary to consider. Is the layout accessible to individuals with physical limitations? For example, is your popcorn bowl on the top shelf of a cabinet, reachable only if you stand on the counter? Talk to us about universal designs.
  5. You have a checklist
    If you were to sit down with one of our designers and provide all the aspects you dislike in your kitchen, do you already know what you would say? Do you have no need to think about it before rattling off your kitchen’s shortcomings? My friend, then it is time.
  6. Entertaining
    Most of us would admit we end up in the kitchen when we have guests. Often times, this is because we are cooking and entertaining simultaneously. Do you wish there were seats and room to accommodate your guests while you prepare? Wouldn’t it be nice to have entertaining space in your kitchen—where wine or food or birthday cake can be spilled without ruining anything? An addition will make a world of difference.

Did you find your kitchen on this list? Don’t procrastinate any further! Call us and let’s get started today!

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