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Tips for Remodeling Your Laguna Nigel Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling - Laguna Niguel CA

The kitchen is the heart of the family, the space in which your family cooks together, breaks bread and discusses their day. Such an important space should fit the families character, have ample space to move and prepare food, and be the type of area you want to make lasting memories in.

Unfortunately, when it comes to compromising on what we want in our home the kitchen is often the first thing to go. That’s when kitchen remodeling is a smart option to consider. There are countless customizations that you can choose from when deciding to remodel your kitchen, and it does not have to be as expensive as you think.

Homeowners in Laguna Niguel are finding it a better option to remodel their current home than look for a new one, and for good reason. There are simple kitchen remodels that can update the look and feel of the entire room.

Try mixing up the textures of cabinetry and counter tops. The different colors and textures will give the space contrast and make it appear larger. Try mixing repurposed wood, marble, and cream colors for a brighter cooking space.

If you’re not feeling up to remodeling the entire kitchen, try sticking to one good splurge that can change the feel of the room. Many homeowners in Laguna Niguel choose to keep the layout and plumbing of the original home but make adjustments like marble countertops or off-the-shelf cabinets.

Adding an island appropriately sized for your space gives you extra cooking space, and can also help double as a dining space or area to entertain guests. Installing an extra deep sink into an island is a convenient way to save time on clean up. Kitchen Islands can be as inexpensive or elaborate as you like them to be but always allow for smoother meal prep.

Simple additions such as lighting or open shelving can play a large role in remodeling your kitchen. While they may seem like minor details, they really open up the room and can even make it appear larger.

Finally, nothing adds character to your kitchen like mixing old and new elements. Try adding more rustic details like an apron front sink or a barn wood island as a warmer compliment to stainless steel kitchen appliances.

It’s valuable to discuss what changes you would like to make with our design experts at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond. Just because something may look appealing in a magazine, does not mean that it is necessarily a good fit for your home or your family. Remodeling your kitchen should be about both beauty and functionality to ensure you are getting the most out of your money.  If you’re also uneasy on the financial factors of a kitchen remodel, consider it an investment. Remodeling the kitchen in your home can raise your resale value by 12-15 percent. Give us a call today and let our Laguna Niguel kitchen remodeling professionals help you create a beautiful and functional kitchen for your home.

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