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Choosing the right replacement cabinets for your kitchen should be a carefully thought out decision. After all, cabinets set the tone for the overall aesthetic in the kitchen. Flooring, appliances, and countertops are important in creating a complete space, but the right cabinets will make or break your kitchen’s style and practicality.

Feeling the pressure?

Don’t worry! Our professional and friendly team at Kitchen Cabinets & Beyond has been serving Newport Beach and the surrounding areas for many years. Cabinets are our specialty. We have constructed a list of the top Irvine, CA kitchen cabinets styles to consider for your new, beautiful kitchen!

  1. Flat Cabinet Doors
    Simple, stylish, and classic. These cabinets are perfect for a modern, contemporary home because of their hard lines and minimal detail. Note: This is a very budget-friendly option, but not ideal for an ornate or vintage look.
  2. Inset Cabinet Doors
    These are growing in popularity due to their inconspicuous nature and elegant touch. This cabinet gets its name because its doors are set inside the frame. Though these tend to be a more expensive option, they are timeless and classy. Note: Due to the precision in fit and the flush style, the hinges are exposed, which requires more attractive, costly) hinge options; a desirable look to many, but not everyone’s preference.
  3. Track Cabinet Doors
    This is a wonderful option for tighter, angular kitchens that have those annoying “door collisions.” Consider doing away with swinging doors altogether and opt for doors that slide open and maintain a low profile. Note: Great for cramped spaces. Remember, due to the sliding feature of the track, connected neighboring doors can not be opened at the same time.
  4. Distressed Cabinet Doors
    Ah, the ever-coveted antique look. Most cabinet styles can be altered to give your kitchen that worn, rustic look. Note: This typically costs extra due to the customization.
  5. Shaker Cabinet Doors
    This style is characterized by its unique, recessed center panel. Often, our clients opt for a frosted glass panel or different hue for extra charm, but this contrast is not necessary to obtain the lovely effect these cabinets have in any kitchen. The architecture is gorgeous. Note: These cabinets are very versatile and can support both a contemporary and extravagant kitchen style.
  6. Custom Cabinet Doors
    We pride ourselves in being co-designers with our clients. Your satisfaction is at the forefront of every portion of the project. Do you have your own ideas for cabinets in your kitchen? Perhaps you love two styles and want to make both work within your design. Maybe you want custom cabinetry to match a ranch or cottage you once visited. Perfect! We have immeasurable experience taking your lead to creating unique designs that work well in your kitchen. We love an innovative challenge! This is your home. You deserve the best and we want to help you design it.


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